Bob & Marion Short Film

“It’s the agony and the ecstasy,” reflect Marion (78) and Bob Luker (81). An intimate portrait of a lifetime's marathon running, set against Dartmoor's epic landscape.

 A Film by  Amanda Bluglass & Callum Earnshaw 

‘Bob & Marion’ Starring Bob & Marion Luker 

Cinematography: Danny Cooke, Callum Earnshaw, Chris Brown 

Aerial Cinematography Matt Cranfield & Danny Cooke 

Edited by Danny Cooke 

Production Assistants: Aiden Lawley & Corey Milo 

Stills Photography: Corey Milo 

Sound edited, mixed & mastered by Michael Clark 

Special thanks to The Media Workshop Ltd & Dartmoor National Park 

©2019 Amanda Bluglass & Callum Earnshaw

Official Selections: Kendal Mountain Festival 2019, Two Short Nights Film Festival 2019, Waimea Ocean Film Festival 2019

Among the top five festival highlights featured in The Guardian pick of Kendal Mountain Festival 2019