Fishbank Video Installation

This must be the most fun of any project I’ve worked on and the wildest creative freedom I’ve ever been given; to create a bespoke ocean-themed film for a stunning new fish restaurant in Adelaide, Australia.  How to fill the space with compelling visuals, but let the interior and the food sing? Gently does it, waves and swimmers coasting across the 10m screen above the open kitchen, providing a key focal point in the dramatic Art Deco 1920s interior.

Edited by Danny Cooke

Photos Jack Fenby and Lewis Potter 

Interior: Clare Kneebone 

Branding, logo and art curation: Studio Maja 

Architecture: Folland Panozzo Architects 

“Apart from offering the most diverse seafood menu South Australia has ever seen, in an Australian first, FISHBANK commissioned award-winning British filmmaker, Amanda Bluglass, to make an exclusive, unique video installation for the restaurant.


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